About us

Agus Enterprises is well-established company with a focus on manufacturing and exporting cane products. The fact that it’s a sole proprietorship based in Perumpavur, Kerala (India), adds a local touch to the business. The range of products, including Cane Basket, Cane Furniture, and Cane Accessories, suggests a specialization in cane-based goods. It’s impressive that Agus Enterprises is not only a manufacturer but also an exporter, with 40% of its products being exported worldwide. This indicates a global presence and a commitment to reaching a diverse customer base.

Being known for quality for a decade and having a global presence in homes, offices, resorts, houseboats, and hotels speaks volumes about the widespread acceptance and appeal of your products. The fact that your products adorn various settings suggests versatility and aesthetic appeal.Emphasizing excellence as your competence is a strong statement, indicating a dedication to delivering high-quality products and services. Having the required expertise, access to raw materials, and a highly skilled workforce further solidifies Agus Enterprises’ position as a reputable and reliable player in the industry.

Core Values
  • It’s reassuring to know that Agus Enterprises places a strong emphasis on quality assurance. Offering guaranteed products indicates a commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the durability of your offerings.
  • Highlighting the use of the best available raw canes in the country speaks to the company’s dedication to sourcing high-quality materials right from the start of the production process. This is crucial for ensuring the overall quality and longevity of the final products.
  • The use of high-quality polish for maintenance of the products reflects a focus on aesthetics and preserving the visual appeal of your cane-based items. This attention to detail is likely appreciated by customers who value not only the functionality but also the appearance of the products.
  • The choice of brass nails in critical parts of the products to prevent rust formation is a practical and quality-oriented decision. It demonstrates a commitment to product longevity and resistance to environmental wear and tear.
  • Lastly, the use of high-quality materials for upholstery adds an additional layer of assurance for customers regarding the comfort and overall quality of your products. These practices collectively contribute to building trust with customers and reinforcing Agus Enterprises’ reputation for delivering reliable and superior cane products.

Meet Our Team

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Mr. M. P. Jaison

Managing Director